We establish a team that is right for our clients so we can provide the best value, allowing the client to maximize profits from the development of their property.

By establishing relationships in the early stages of a project Bauer Design Build is able to provide clients with the best value whether it’s a facility renovation, expansion or relocation. This allows us to better understand our client’s specific needs and challenges and, in turn, assist them through the early stages of site selection, feasibility studies, governmental approvals and negotiations, land purchase and facility design management.

“We began our search with the helpful assistance of BDB. They spent many hours looking and reviewing different buildings with us and helped us make our selection. This process eliminated a log of unknown costs and it also helped us negotiate an appropriate purchase price for this facility. We have worked with other contractors before and we are pleased to say, BDB is not like the others.”
Kevin Carver President, Sil-Pro, LLC
“Rarely have I found a company that lives up to their mission statement but I can attest BDB does by providing quality and value to their clients; they truly are client focused.”
Jo Reinhardt CEO/President, Industrial Louvers, Inc.


Contact our Founder and President, Mike Bauer for development assistance services.

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