Bringing Vision to Reality

We are experienced in building unique partnering relationships that promote the effective transition from initial client vision to project completion. Projects become a pleasant environment of teamwork, innovation and achievement.

We recognize that project requirements may change as client challenges arise during the course of design and construction. The support and services offered by Bauer Design Build adapt accordingly and our focus remains solution-based.

By collaborating efforts and consolidating project responsibilities, we are able to interweave processes and eliminate time lost while remaining in sync with your budget.

“The team at BDB consistently sets a great example of good contractor practices. Their willingness, attitude, accessibility, response and quality through all phases of a project places them in the forefront of other local firms.”
Gregory J. Kozulla President, Kozulla & Associates, Inc.
“Rarely have I found a company that lives up to their mission statement but I can attest BDB does by providing quality and value to their clients; they truly are client focused.”
Jo Reinhardt CEO/President, Industrial Louvers, Inc.

Video: The Bauer Design Build Legacy


A Foundation of Excellence

Bauer Design Build was started by Mike Bauer in 2005 after an extremely successful tenure with Ryan Companies US, Inc.

After building the business foundation, several other highly experienced project managers, superintendents, and seasoned office staff have joined the Bauer Design Build team over the years.

The company continues to build on our established reputation which is centered on the guiding principle of “always looking out for our client’s best interest”.