No two industrial facilities are exactly alike — each presents its own unique challenges and opportunities, from basic warehouse spaces to complex manufacturing facilities. That’s why Bauer approaches each industrial design-build project with a blank slate and a listening ear.
We’ll take the time to understand the scale, nuances and needs of your project to ensure the final result is a remarkably value-driven space built to support your long-term goals. 

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  • BePex International
    24,000 SF Office/Warehouse
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Border States
    25,000 SF Office/Warehouse Addition
    Albertville, MN
  • Buesing Bulk Transport
    Office/Warehouse Renovation
    Long Lake, MN
  • Calbrandt, Inc.
    Various Enhancements
    Delano, MN
  • CertiFit
    60,000 SF New Office & Warehouse
    Roseville, MN
  • Cypress Semiconductor
    Several Renovations
    Bloomington, MN
  • Graybar
    Rochester, MN
  • Independent Packaging Services, Inc.
    57,000 SF Renovation
    Crystal, MN
  • Industrial Louvers, Inc.
    Multiple Projects
    Warehouse Addition/Paint Line Expansion
    Delano, MN
  • Jem Technical
    40,000 SF Office & Manufacturing
    Orono, MN
  • Kasco
    21,335 SF Lab & Warehouse Addition
    Prescott, WI
  • Lafayette Club
    10,000 SF New 2-Story Maintenance Bldg.
    Minnetonka, MN
  • Landscape Structures
    Manufacturing & Office Building
    Delano, MN
  • Landscape Structures 702
    Warehouse Addition/Renovation
    Delano, MN
  • Precision Associates, Inc.
    Multiple Projects, 120,000 SF Manufacturing
    Minneapolis, MN
  • SE Solar
    7 Solar Panel Sites
    North Carolina
  • Sil-Pro, LLC
    20,000 SF Manufacturing/Office
    Delano, MN
  • Sil-Pro, LLC
    36,000 SF Clean Room & Warehouse Expansion
    Delano, MN
  • Twin City Fan R & D Facility
    29,000 SF New Building/Existing Office Renovation
    Plymouth, MN
  • US Ventures
    4,000 SF Bakery & Warehouse Renovation
    Bloomington, MN
  • Advance Corporation*
    45,000 SF Manufacturing Building, 5 acres site work
    Cottage Grove, MN
  • Air Quality Engineering*
    42,600 SF Office/Warehouse
    Brooklyn Park, MN
  • American Flexible Products*
    50,000 SF Office / Manufacturing
    Chaska, MN
  • Ault Engineering*
    63,545 SF Office/Warehouse
    Brooklyn Park, MN
  • Avecor Cardiovascular*
    104,470 SF Office/Light Industrial/Warehouse
    Brooklyn Park, MN
  • Brissman Kennedy*
    63,545 SF Office/Warehouse
    Roseville, MN
  • Control Building*
    6,500 SF Blast Proof Building
    Tioga, ND
  • County Line Iron*
    28,000 SF Industrial Building
    Wyoming, MN
  • Data Metalcraft*
    40,000 SF Manufacturing
    Chaska, MN
  • Data Recognition Corporation*
    70,000 SF Office / Warehouse
    Brooklyn Park, MN
  • DHL*
    18,850 SF Distribution Facility
  • Dust Coating*
    New Office & Maintenance Shop
    Savage, MN
  • Excelsior-Henderson Headquarters*
    169,946 SF Office/Manufacturing
    Belle Plain, MN
  • Frito-Lay*
    New Transfer Station
    Buel, MN
  • Frito-Lay Distribution Center*
    4,200 SF Office/Warehouse Addition
    Bloomington, MN
  • Impact Proven Solutions*
    55,000 SF Addition & interior Remodel
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Lifefitness*
    260,000 SF Addition & Interior Remodel
    Ramsey, MN
  • Mate Precision Tool*
    42,600 SF Office/Warehouse
    Anoka, MN
  • MCC Buildings*
    3 Steel Buildings, 1,800 SF each
    Western, ND
  • Medtronics, Inc., Perfusion Systems*
    2,000 SF Clean Room Modifications
    Brooklyn Park, MN
  • Medtronics, Inc., Perfusion Systems*
    38,000 SF Manufacturing and Laboratory Expansion
    Brooklyn Park, MN
  • Midwest Finishing*
    36,000 Metal Plating Facility
    Brooklyn Park, MN
  • MN-Dot Truck Station*
    New Office & Maintenance Shop
    Woodbury, MN
  • MTS Systems*
    40,000 SF Office / Manufacturing
    Chaska, MN
  • MTS Systems*
    40,000 SF Plant Expansion
    Eden Prairie, MN
  • New Morning Windows*
    66,500 SF Office / Manufacturing
    Lakeville, MN
  • Osmonics*
    22,000 SF Manufacturing/Water Purification Remodel
    Minnetonka, MN
  • Park Printing*
    51,000 SF Printing Plant
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Pipe Fabricators*
    60,000 SF Manufacturing
    Maple Grove, MN
  • Polaris Industries*
    150,000 SF Research & Development Facility
    Wyoming, MN
  • Power Systems*
    20,000 SF Manufacturing Addition
    Eden Prairie, MN
  • Retailer Services*
    20,000 SF Addition
    Anoka, MN
  • Retailer Services*
    40,000 SF Office / Manufacturing
    Anoka, MN
  • Ryder Truck*
    14,000 SF Maintenance Facility
    Rogers, MN
  • SciMed Life Systems*
    153,000 SF Research & Development Facility
    Maple Grove, MN
  • Springs Inc.*
    30,000 SF addition
    Forest Lake, MN
  • Richfield Urban Village, Parking Structure*
    Parking Ramp
    Richfield, MN
  • University of Minnesota, Riverbend Commons*
    Underground Parking Ramp
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Upper Landing, Phase II Site Development*
    Site Redevelopment 17 Acres
    St. Paul, MN
  • Trueman Welters*
    New 33,000 SF Precast Office/Showroom/Shop
    Buffalo, MN
  • Twin Lakes Medical Center*
    66,000 SF Multi-Tenant Medical Facility
    Roseville, MN
  • Two Guys Plumbing*
    New 8,000 SF Precast Office/Warehouse
    Buffalo, MN
  • West St. Paul Maintenance Facility*
    58,000 SF Foundation & Site Clearing Package
    West St. Paul, MN

*Indicates projects completed by Bauer Design Build staff while employed by another company.

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