We take full responsibility for design, construction, schedule and budget.

Our ability to develop a synergistic team makes for a successful collaboration between each member of the project team—client, design-builder, city officials, construction professionals, architects and engineers. By delivering design and construction as a fully integrated process, we create an effective communication process that facilitates the activities of the entire project team.

The customer is at the heart of the design and construction process while BDB provides the framework, allowing decisions to be made in a timely fashion. We work hard at making sure our clients understand all of their options and the associated impacts, which helps them to make well-educated decisions. Customers routinely give stellar reviews for the expertise and attention to detail provided by our design build services.

Clear, concise and practical design solutions combined with our efficient construction services result in a very economical project delivery method and added value for our clients.

“BDB provided added value to the project, diligently working to keep us all on schedule in lieu of last minute changes by our team. We certainly made the right choice when we hired them.”
Tim Olson Landscape Structures, Inc.
“The team at BDB consistently sets a great example of good contractor practices. Their willingness, attitude, accessibility, response and quality through all phases of a project places them in the forefront of other local firms.”
Gregory J. Kozulla President, Kozulla & Associates, Inc.
“Rarely have I found a company that lives up to their mission statement but I can attest BDB does by providing quality and value to their clients; they truly are client focused.”
Jo Reinhardt CEO/President, Industrial Louvers, Inc.


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