Sil-Pro Tour SIL-PRO Medical Manufacturing, Delano, MN

sil-pro-tour-1At BDB, we are a proud supporter of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). Each month the association tours a different facility in the Twin Cities area. This month, BDB was the corporate sponsor and showed off their recently completed Sil-Pro Medical Manufacturing Clean Room Expansion. Sil-Pro specializes in comprehensive design development services, Clean Room injection molding and value added medical manufacturing. President Kevin Carver of Sil-Pro led the tour along with BDB project manager Chris Engle, who managed the construction process during the expansion. On the tour the ladies learned the difference between the various classes of Clean Rooms, all the planning that went into customizing a proper pressurized air system, and how the facility runs as a whole. BDB project assistant Laura B, is a member of NAWIC and had this to say about the tour. “It’s amazing how much detail goes into planning a clean room. I’ve worked on various medical projects before, but never stopped to think about the facilities that create the tools used in the healthcare industry. It’s nice to have this come full circle, and be a part of the process.” BDB looks forward to sponsoring more NAWIC events in the future.